My thoughts on: Change

I get thousands of ideas and I attempt of working those all out at once. That doesn’t always go as perfect as it does in theory. Musicians have the same, yet the bigger they get, the more they are expected to make the same music with a little twist. That is what their fans want and like, until they get bored of it. I hear so many times that the big pop-artists have such an easy life, because they make ‘mainstream’ music, but musically speaking the songwriters and producers have the constant challenge of making the same differently. When an artist suddenly do something entirely different with their music, it’s either seen as outrageous or it is seen as daring. Apart from whether this new thing works for the artist or not, I do wonder why the average consumer of music is against change and new ideas whilst the market changes faster than Usain Bolt.

Is an artist that gets popular bound to get stuck in their success idea? Is a rock artist making a popalbum bad or daring? Change is what keeps us excited, yet it seems to be unacceptable. Or is it?

-Panda \m/


Walk off the Earth: the gang of rhythm invades Europe

A year has past and Walk off the Earth is back on European grounds! No pregnant Sarah anymore, they are in better shape than ever and decided to visit my little orange country twice. In Amsterdam and in Utrecht.

Their support act, that did the entire tour, was Camera2. Musically a very nice band, but not too energetic. In my opinion it didn’t really fit with WOTE’s energetic craziness. Then again, if you look at their bassplayer, who looked like a lost Beatle (without the hair) with his police hat and red/gold jacket and who totally lost himself into weird and.. well fabulous movements.  Their music can be described as a bit of a darker, electronic indie kinda vibe, I’m sure you totally know what I mean there, but you could also click here and hear for yourself.
Even though I didn’t think the music fit, they were still nice and social and tried to connect with their audience. They threw a medium sized girls shirt into the audience both shows, such charmers. Overall a quality show, but less fitting to WOTE.

Beardguy ToothbrushA long wait and an extreme make-over for the stage. I gotta say, they really did a nice job on decoration. Details such as ukulele lamps and a beardguy-flag that covers his keyboard/synthesizer. A lot of instruments are set on stage, a glass of coloured water spoil that they will be playing ‘Nathalie’. Lights go out and some freaky psychedelic intro starts. Then the five members enter the stage and Marshall starts the song ‘Speeches’ off on trumpet. The crowd goes mental as Sarah, Gianni and Marshall jump and run around and the instruments fly song after song. The crew jumps in singing, drumming and dancing while they play their songs and beardguy brushes his teeth. After an energetic start where they played a mix of old, new and covers and confetti was flying, they introduced a new song. ‘Sing it all away’  or however they will call it, is a very euphoric song. It made me wanna cheer, drink and dance with friends.  Oh oh oh sing it alway, my daaaarlings. It was very typical that they filled blue solo cups with water and then called cheers, exactly what was in my mind when I heard the song. On with the show! The epic intro of ‘Red Hands’ with a glockenspiel, a very nice improvised percussion piece and a psychedelic fill during ‘Sometimes’ that sounded a bit like a Pink Floyd song. Walk off the earth had many surprises. The huge balloons were released into the crowd after Marshall lead his choir audience with some singing and the song that named their tour was started: ‘Gang of Rhythm’.

While the band left the stage, the crows cheered loudly. Some started chanting ‘Ehoh, ehoh bopbopawayo’, that originates from theMarshall song summervibe. Of course they came back to do the peaceful ‘Little Boxes’. The entire audience swayed from left to right, sadly it was a short song, but damn it is one awesome cover. I did miss the banjo outro a little bit, but you can’t always get what you want. On to the next encore song, the one and only 5 peeps 1 guitar Gotye cover, the song that made this all possible, the song that made them stand out from the crowd and that received millions of views on youtube. ‘Somebody that I used to Know’ is always a killer, they perform it very well and beardguy makes for a little entertainment by doing near to nothing. After a quick picture they announce their last song. Each bandmember is thankful for their fans and their devotion and we all sing together. ‘Ehoh, ehoh bopbopawayo’… The song Summervibe is the most relaxing and summery song, when you close your eyes you see yourself hanging in a hammock with a cocktail and a bonfire and people playing guitar.. technically I’m just imagining what the lyrics say.. People that bought VIP packages were allowed on stage during the song to sing with the band and crew.

ParadisoEvery show they give away one ukulele. That must mean they’ve already given away about a 100 uku’s in the past 3 years? Damn. One for a guy in a cow suit, because black and white is just that awesome. And one for a very emotional fan that cried during the show, happy tears, bless her.

And so ends the night. We all walked off the earth in two sold out venues. A little Camera2 action with a very fabulous fashioned bassplayer and a lot of jumping and singing. They seize to amaze me time after time, even when you know all their songs they find a new way to do them. Seeing as they even started covering their own original songs.. A must see for everyone that likes music with instruments, guys with beards, reggae, throwing with instruments, ukuleles, big balloons or confetti.

\m/ Panda

Avenged Sevenfold a new old classic? (19th of Nov @ Ziggo Dome)

A ‘silent’ Tuesday night in Amsterdam. In between all the football fans, you see lots of metalheads walking towards the Ziggo Dome. The one year old venue, with a capacity 17.000, was not sold out, but it was still pretty busy. The seats were filled and the floor was crowded when the first of two support acts began. Device cancelled some time before, so we got to see another band instead. I only saw one video on YouTube of the Swedish Avatar. Honestly the melodic death metal band scared me a bit beforehand, but they were a lot less impressive and scary on stage. The singer reminded me a lot of King Diamond, but his voice was very different. The music was pretty catchy and not at all bad, but the songs sounded a lot alike and I secretly wished they would’ve done some more with the show. Then again it was only a support act, the crowd wasn’t too reactive, but it could have been a lot worse to start out the night.
A loud cheer went through the venue when the Five Finger Death Punch banner became visible and when they came on stage the crowd became louder. 5FDP are tough  metal dudes that know how to play a show. The singer, Ivan, interacts with the crowd and  finally succeeds in starting the first moshpit of the night. Everyone around me was enjoying the music, but the moshing doesn’t really fit with the many female fans that wanted to see A7x up close . Many decided to get out of the mosh-zone. Nonetheless, it was still pretty fun. The floor was a bit slippery causing many people to fall, but they were all social and no one got hurt. Then I decided to go crowdsurfing during ‘Coming Down‘, on of their best known songs. Singer Ivan was really surprised and I got a high five from him just before the Ziggo Dome security grabbed me by my neck and reminded me there is a ‘no crowdsurfing‘ sign. Which I find a bit ridiculous when you book bands like 5FDP and Avenged Sevenfold.. It is part of the metal culture, please tell me what you think about this? Eitherway, 5FDP just released TWO new albums this year, both really well received. They didn’t have time to play new material, but if you like their style, you won’t be disappointed! (The wrong side of heaven & the righteous side of hell vol.1 and 2) With their incredible song ‘The Bleeding‘ they finished their set. I’m pretty sure they satisfied most people around me. It was less energetic than the previous gig I saw, but musically they are top quality. They will be back in Europe with their own Headlining tour around March.

Time for the band majority of people came for. Avenged Sevenfold is back in Europe. The last time they played in the Netherlands, apart from PinkPop festival in 2011, was in a medium sized venue called the Melkweg. They released their new studio album in August,2013. Hail to the King is the first album without any ‘Rev material’ on it. When the lights went off, the curtains opened and a huge winged skull, their logo, was visible in the back. They started out with the first song on their new album ‘Shepherd of fire’. The warmed-up audience was ready to go crazy and they greeted A7x with loud singing and cheering. After a short ‘Hello Amsterdam’ they went back to 2007 with ‘Critical Acclaim’. Then mr M. Shadows, with his terrible haircut and well known sunglasses, greeted us again and welcomed all newcomers to the family, coincidentally they have a song for that! ‘Welcome to the Family’. He then told us about their day off in Amsterdam yesterday:

‘I didn’t go to the redlight-district or anything!’

– sure sure! They celebrated drummer Arin Iljay’s birthday, of course the audience immediately sang a birthday song for him. M. Shadows, however, thought another song would fit better, since their drummer is the king. A lot of wordplay tonight. ‘Hail to the King‘ started and many sang along with the easy chorus. They continued with another song of the new album, ‘Doing Time‘. It seems their setlist is mainly based on the newest album. I think the best way to judge music is by the bands live performance of it. I’m satisfied about their new songs, but definitely not all. After ‘Buried Alive‘ there was a special moment. It was no surprise that they reminded us all of their, in 2009 deceased, brother from another mother, The Rev. ‘The guy that was arrested the moment he came in the Netherlands, then was released when they went to Germany and played without showering, sleeping or changing clothes.’Fiction‘ is a song the Rev sang on as well and they had those recordings on audio. Guitarist Synyster Gates seemed to get a bit emotional when he gave his guitar to a roadie, who looked confused, sang his bit and then looked at the drum kit for a moment. The light-show was spot on, it ended with all spots on the drum kit with the current drummer bowing his head and holding a drumstick above it. I really liked how they memorised the Rev with this song and the lights, emotional keyboard but still Avenged Sevenfold material.

After a short silence, it was time for one of the songs I was really looking forward to hearing. The carillon intro started and nearly everyone woke up from their previous trance. ‘Nightmare‘ is one of their hitsongs, it has power, spookiness, metal and amazing guitar solo’s: it sticks! Back to the new album, ‘This means war’, it reminded me of Metallica, which is both good and bad. Without any introduction the violin, contrabas, cello started on playback, an enourmess WOOH went through the venue. ‘Afterlife’ is definitely my favourite song of A7x. The stringquartet intro, the incredible riffs played by both Synyster Gates and Zach Vengeance. Their performance was really good. Then they left the stage, apart from Synyster Gates. This man and his guitar are meant for eachother. He played some amazing solo’s and played with the audience for a bit as well. Then the drummer, bass player and other guitarist came back and they did a little jam session. When M. Shadows returned on stage, the voice-over choir started ‘ Requiem’. The first time I heard this song was on their promovideo of this tour on Download Festival. Back then, since the album wasn’t released yet, I tried everything to find the song without success. I think the song has some really nice elements to it, which made it even more awesome live adding all the fire.

‘Amsterdam You’re the city of evil, we’ll bring ‘Bat Country‘ here!’

After this it was time for them to leave and come back. They took longer than averagely, but they came back after all and played two more songs. Since their most popular songs had already been played, I was curious to know which ones they would play for their encore. For the answer we go way back to 2003, when their album Waking the Fallen was released. ‘Chapter Four‘ and ‘Unholy Confessions’ are both heavier songs than their later work, so it was quite a surprising encore. Then again they did go out with a lot of bangs, fireworks and fire and then a really loud boom that made everyone jump into the air. Weak hearted people, be aware.
Then it was really time to go. I was surprised Avenged Sevenfold played such a big venue, but they filled it up with their sound and energy. Musically they have a lot of talent. At some points I thought the singer could’ve given a bit more, but even without that addition he did a great job at entertaining his audience. The fire mechanism integrated within their winged skull was really well done and the fireworks were a really nice ending. This show convinced me that they’ve grown a lot. Since they are headlining Download Festival this year, they will probably play more festivals around Europe, so keep your eyes and ears open if you’re a big fan! I’ll be watching them, I do hope they add THIS song in their setlist though!

– Panda \m/


My thoughts on: inspiration

Good day my fellow music lovers,
After a long time of absence, I finally got courage, but above all the inspiration to write again. And write I will!
It’s a peculiar thing. At home your brain acts dumb or seems deactivated, but the moment you’re in another country, where you’ve never been before, the inspiration starts flowing. I know that change of environment activates or reactivates new parts of the brain, or braincells I’m not a neurologist, but when I go to a city I’ve never been to (and don’t care about one bit) I don’t feel that change and definitely no new noticeable brain activity. It’s the same boring country, with the same boring language and the same shops. I personally find the culture change very inspiring, whether it’s 3rd world or Hollywood, it does something to me and my braincells. Which is probably why so many people love going abroad. You get a grip on yourselves and the world existing around you. A whole other country/city, millions of foreign people that don’t speak your language (which we all abuse, by the way, we’ve all gossiped about a person next to us)
Now you might be wondering what this rant has to do with music. Whether you’re an artist or a listener, all new experiences change your perspective. That boring song you dislike, could turn into something special and meaningful the moment you have your first kiss while it’s playing. Ya catch ma drift?
That’s exactly what it is. Writers write new songs and listeners get a new experience/memory. It works the other way around as well:
you are riding the same long straight road to work, but this epic new song comes along and suddenly you’re in a music video. Or the song you love makes the walk down to Buckingham Palace a little more epic.

Music changes your experience as experience changes your music.
m/ Panda

System of a Down (21-08)

Oh yeah, it is time for System of a Down! The alternative/experimental metal band formed in 1994 is back in the Netherlands. The last time they visited the tiny country was eight long years ago after they had just released ‘Mesmerize’ and ‘Hypnotize’. Taking that in consideration, it was no surprise that they played a pretty big venue, the new Ziggo Dome, which is about as big as the O2 in London (around 17.000 people). The standing-tickets were sold out pretty quickly and the seats were filled.

Everyone was waiting eagerly for SOAD to begin, but first Hawk Eyes hit the stage. I had never heard of the band before. They mix many kinds of metal genres and the result is a bit messy. It didn’t sound bad, but it was far from extraordinary. The crowd hardly reacted to them and it didn’t really feel as if the vocalist was trying to connect either. The lead guitarist, however, did his share of jumping and epic solo playing. Don’t we all love those moves?

The clock reached 9. The lights went off, the first guitar notes were played. Aerials was the starter and the moshing began. The songs quickly followed one another. I-E-A-I-A-I-O.. the energy was everywhere, non-stop jumping and screaming. After the Soldier intro, the screaming became even louder with the Iraq War protest song: B.Y.O.B. SOAD has amazing lyrics, although you can’t always hear them clearly. Another example was the next song: Deer DanceThere was hardly any talk in between songs, but after a few more, they finally took a little breather to sing Happy Birthday for frontman Serj Tankian. After that they restarted the high speed train of songs and even found some time to fit in a couple of emotional ‘slower’ songs. Then kicked up the speed with the the sing-a-long hit Chop Suey! and singing along people did, to the point where the bands music was nearly drowned in the crowds yelling, it was far from annoying though. After the audience killed their voices, it was time for the awesome Lonely DayIt was an incredibly powerful performance. Time for a song about his cock, Cigaro! The funny part of the song is both boys AND girls singing ‘my cock is bigger than yours’. Toxicity was the next song and the sign the end would be near, but when the band left the stage after one more song, Sugar, they did not come back. A quick look on my watch told me they only played about 80 minutes.

They played 23 songs on a formula 1 pace with hardly any interaction with the audience. They haven’t had new material since their last album in 2005 and played a very short gig. Was it worth the money? Hell yes. The quality of the music was very good, the energy was overwhelming and they did play 23 songs. I would’ve loved to hear some new stuff, but as long as they don’t come back empty handed any time soon, I am fully content with what I got. System of a Down still have the skills like they had in their glory days, but will there ever be a sixth studio album?

– Panda \m/

Ke$ha – Surprisingly rock ‘n roll! (Paradiso 9th of July)

Known for the hits TikTok and Die Young, for her tv show on MTV and for her crazy, slutty and drunk attitude: Ke$ha. The 26 year old has a gig in the sold-out Paradiso, Amsterdam. The night started out with DJ and although I have no knowledge whatsoever about DJ-ing, I can also play radioversions of songs that fit the genre. The DJs were said to be the support act before Ke$ha, but I didn’t notice anything special about it. I had a lot of time to check out what kind of people were walking around, though. A lot of girls around an estimated 14 to 18, covered in glitter. A few guys here and there, sparkling like Edward Cullen and some lost older people, or perhaps parents that were dragged along and then there was my Panda self. One last thing I noticed, as where people drink liters of beer at rock concerts, I saw half the crowd drinking vodka or even tequila.

The intro music started, her band and two half armoured dancers came on stage each holding two swords. After some fancy moves Ke$ha came on in her very glittery outfit and started the title song of her last album ‘Warrior’. The two dancers stayed and had a well choreographed dance, for as far as my knowledge goes.. Ke$ha herself also showed some moves and when they put a guitar in her hands, she also shows she is capable of playing a few chords. They started the second song without a pause. ‘Crazy kids’, also from the Warrior album, sounded a lot better with drums and guitar. Instead of using a lot of electronics, the synthesizers were on the far background. Then there was some time for talk, apart from a short hello, she introduced us to a lady seen a lot in her tv show the crazy beautiful life of Ke$ha, her mom came on stage for a moment. After her mom went back, she introduced her next song by saying how important it is to be who you are and not what you should be: ‘We R who we R’. SICK The next song was from the Cannibal album. Knowing the song, I expected the beats to ‘Blow’ my ears out, but again the elements of normal drums and guitar made it a whole different thing, all the more crazy.

A short pause, as Ke$ha runs off stage with her dancers. The guitarist and drummer entertain us with a little intermezzo. Then the lady comes back, surprisingly without a glittery outfit, but with a stars and stripes bandanna around her head. Her clothes perfectly match the next song, about her car: ‘Gold Trans am’, which started out with the We will rock you intro. A really nice tune, where the guitar solo comes to life. Most people weren’t really digging that stuff it seemed, though. Which is a shame! The audience did scream when the dancers put a belt around her waist and she held some power tool against it, creating a wave of sparks. It looked pretty awesome. The dancer both did the same. The next song was one of her favourites, about her favourite thing in the world, originally

performed with Iggy Pop: ‘Dirty love’. A shameless song about loveless sex, no boundries! The dancers came on dressed as women, wigs and tight short pants and all. The next song, after another dressing break, was introduced by memorable story: ‘So… I was at a stripclub and it was 6am and literally everybody was butt naked. I had to write a song about that! And write a song she did. ‘Take it off’ is a nice song and Kesha got lapdances from her two dancers. After this craziness, she still didn’t have enough. ‘Party at a rich dude’s house’ would fit quite nicely. Her dancers went absolutely crazy, they threw around with god knows what. I saw condoms flying around and Kesha ended the song by kissing the keytarist, which was a girl as well. The next song was ‘Animal’, which would be performed like no one had ever heard before. I’m still not sure if she was referring to the guitar instead of electronic sounds, but it was a good version nonetheless! There are always songs that do not end up on albums, apparently the record label she signed with, didn’t fully agree on one song, but she loves the song so she’s gonna perform it! ‘Machine Gun Love’ is a really catchy song, I’m hoping she’ll record it properly sometimes, but for now we’ll have to do with versions like this one. Next up is the really typical popmusic song ‘C’mon’. After a short speech about some guy that wanted to talk instead of banging, ‘Who wants that? Not this girl..!!’ , they started the song she originally performed with 3OH!3, ‘Blah Blah Blah’. Then it was time for the last two songs. ‘Your love is my drug’ and hit song ‘TikTok’.  A big party where everyone sang along as hard as they could and the audience FINALLY started to move about. A lot of craziness, people in suits and her own mother came on stage jumping around in a penis suit. Eventually tea-bagging some dancer that was laying on the ground. I’d say that pretty much shows the craziness of the night. Sadly most of that crazy stuff happened on stage while the rest of the crowd, covered in glitter, just stood and screamed. Ke$ha came back for an encore, which was only one song ‘Die young’. The song is really catchy and it was definitely stuck in my head the rest of the night.

All in all the performance was much better than I expected it to be. Less dance and more.. rock sounds. The electric guitar definitely played his part in most songs. The audience itself was rather boring. I expected lots of dancing, but they only let their voices dance: lots of high pitch screaming. I might just go see Ke$ha again in the future. I’m pretty sure she’ll surprise me all over again.

– Panda goes pop \m/

Graspop Metal Meeting 2013: peacefully brutal

Every year at the end of June thousands of metalheads travel through Belgium to a little town called Dessel. As for most three day festivals, campsite opened the day before. I traveled by train and we met up with many more metalheads headed that way. The whole train was filled with people with black tees and denim jackets with patches. It all went smooth, there were many shuttle busses waiting for us and after a 15 minute walk we arrived. Well.. nearly. We still had to wait in line for our wristbands for about half an hour and then some extra 20 minutes to get our bags checked. Which isn’t too long when you think about it and it wasn’t raining, all good!

Setting up tents wasn’t hard, no hills to consider and when you were all the way in the back it was still only a 20 minute slowwalk to the festival entrance. Only downside were the 2 toilet buildings. Both on the same side of the campsite and not too far away from each other, that being said, they were clean, toilet paper was always there, and only a few of them smelled bad after 3 days.

The first night was celebrated in the so called Metal Dome. A big tent with a bar in it. The Metal Dome is located on the festivalarena itself, but they divided in 2 parts so we couldn’t reach the other stages yet. First a few bands and then they had a DJ with the metal top 50. After that the party went on till 5:00. People on the campsite were also partying, but they seemed to keep it to themselves. You heard people yelling and some music playing, but nothing too extreme and after 5 you hardly heard anyone.

The first day already started at 11:15. The girlpower band Crucified Barbara hit the stage with a rock attitude and guys staring. Not a bad band, I wasn’t a big fan of her voice though. One of the better bands that day was Helloween. The stage was nicely decorated with pumpkins and leadvocalist Andi Deris interacted with the crowd very well. Wanting a moment out of the rain, I ran to the Metaldome. Thrash metalband Entombed was rocking out on stage and their music is a perfect warming up for your neck. On my way to seeing Soulfly, I noticed Coal Chamber playing instead. Apparently they switched places because of traffic problems. Coal Chamber is not a bad band, but it can be described as a rather.. peculiar band. They started out with a living eagle on stage, god knows why, their drummer was drooling buckets full and kept their roadies busy, the female bass player was twirling around and the guitarist was in his own little world. They play some solid Nu-metal. At night it was time for Kreator. One of the Teutonic Thrash three, along with Sodom and Destruction. The band has earned the name with pride. Their set was powerful, the stage nicely decorated with skulls and more. A band for headbanging, shouting and awesomeness. When we left the tent to go see the last act of the day, we were greeted by the pouring rain. Twisted Sisters vocalist Dee Snider apologized for the bad weather, since he had called mother nature a ‘fucking bitch’. Luckily he was talking to the sky and he said he didn’t mean to call her that, he meant ‘cuntly whore’. So with our middle fingers raised to the sky they started the next and one of the best known songs “We’re not gonna take it“. After about 35 years of performing, Twisted Sister is an oiled machine. A lot of crowd interaction, very good songs and humour. They also asked a guy on stage, that had contacted them before, who asked his girlfriend to marry him on stage! How romantic, though he didn’t kneel, booh! It shows that Twisted Sister is well connected with their fans. Their other major hit, ‘I wanna rock‘, was performed with a band that also played on GMM that day. Asking Alexandria wouldn’t have been one of my first choices, but vocalist Andy Worsnop didn’t do too bad at the glam metal genre. Maybe he should stop metalcore and start a glam metal band! At 01:00 the act was over and the after party in the Metaldome started, which would go on till 05:00.

Day 2 again started early at 11:15. This time a dutch hard rock band opened on mainstage. Vanderbuyst wasn’t as energetic as I’d hoped, they aren’t outstanding, but not bad. There performance made me think of Airbourne. Just good old hard rock, nothing wrong with it, nothing special about it. Next I saw a bit of Sylosis, a pretty alright progressive metalband, but the screens with their band names on it gave me epilepsy without having it. The continuously flickering screen was really annoying, like a stroboscope that’s turned on for half an hour. A little later another golden oldie hit the stage: Saxon.  They play a lot with their backdrops, light and fire. They may be old, but they still know how to rock. Last but not least to end the day, Slipknot. I don’t really like listening to their music when I’m at home, but the energy they gave the songs.. The performance was incredible, the mystery and creepiness of the masks adds another cool element. There were always interesting things to see, if you weren’t busy pushing yourself around in the on going moshpits that is. And so another day ended, well the bands did, the fans just started!

Day 3 already. The schedule started 11:30 today. Voodoo Six kicked off. They were touring with Iron Maiden, which should be enough reason to check them out. A band that isn’t well known just yet, a hard rock sound though I was a bit too tired to pay close attention. Next up one of the names I’ve been come across a lot lately: Heaven’s Basement. Another British hard rock wonder with a lot of energy and charisma. Even though it is still early, the tent is filling up quite nicely. Maybe it is a bit soft for a metal festival, but all bandmembers are running around as if they had batteries for breakfast. A band I wasn’t planning on seeing was Parkway Drive, yet their enthusiasm and gratefulness is pretty addictive. A lot of crowdsurfing, moshing and jumping going on and the singer was just just as exhausted as his audience. After that Corey Taylor came with his second performance of the weekend. Stone Sour played a good but short set and they left out the usual ballad Through The Glass, which is a pity, but now it was just full out rocking. The amount of ‘fucks’ said by Corey was a bit too high though, he could’ve fucking done without a fucking few less. Headliner of the day started early. Iron Maiden brought a nice decorated stage and energetic old dudes. After seeing them on Download Festival a few weeks ago, the show seemed a bit off and not as complete as it was back then. But Maiden is still Maiden. Their songs are awesome and their shows fit. The backdrops changed multiple times, they had a few different puppets and statues and also fireworks and Bruce had multiple outfits.When they finished there were still 2 bands on the other stages. Not the most unknown bands, a tough choice even. King Diamond and Testament. The first is worth everything for their show, although I still wonder how he can sing so damn high. The second one is some very very good thrash metal that got big in the golden age (or decennia..) of thrash metal, eighties.

And so the third day ends. When I wrote this, I was sitting in my chair letting my feet rest. Watching the   first few tent-fires light the sky, the fireworks give a nice sight and the Graspop Crew is racing around to stop the fires. It’s gonna be a good last night ending a good edition of Graspop.

It is a nice festival for metalheads all around the world, more relaxing than the big ones, but still as brutal.

– Panda \m/